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1989.9-1993.7 山东大学化学系 学士

1993.9-1996.7 中科院大连化学物理所 硕士

1996.9-2001.7 Washington University in St. Louis 博士

2001.9-2005.7 University of California, Riverside. Assistant Professor

2005.8-2008.7 University of California, Riverside. Associate Professor

2008.8- University of California, Riverside. Professor

2008.8- University of California, Riverside. Director, Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program

2016.3- 武汉大学 长江学者讲座教授


长期从事质谱分析在生物医学中的应用,涉及研究领域包括蛋白质组学、DNA损伤和修复、表观遗传学、环境毒理学等。建立了DNA损伤的质谱分析研究体系,阐明了一系列DNA损伤产物的形成、修复及生物效应;结合蛋白质组学和质谱分析,研究了一系列抗癌药物的药理机制,以及环境有害物质的毒理机制。从2001年至今,主持和参与了20 多项美国NIH 等资助项目,以主持人身份获得超过1600万美元的经费资助。迄今,已在Nature Chemical Biology, PNAS, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, Nucleic Acid Research, Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Proteome Research等学术期刊上发表原始研究和综述论文约200篇。


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11. Yuan, B.F., Zhang, J., Wang, H., Xiong, L., Cai, Q., Wang, T., Jacobsen, S., Pradhane, S. and Wang, Y.* 6-Thioguanine reactivates epigenetically silenced genes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells by facilitating proteasome-mediated degradation of DNMT1,Cancer Res., 2011,71, 1904-1911.

12. Yuan, B.F., Cao, H., Jiang, Y., Hong, H. and Wang, Y.* Efficient and accurate bypass ofN2-(1-carboxyethyl)-2'-deoxyguanosine by DinB DNA polymerase in vitro and in vivo.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A., 2008, 105, 8679-8684.


2005 年获美国质谱学会研究奖(Research Award, the American Society for Mass Spectrometry);

2012 年获得美国化学毒理研究青年科学家奖(Chemical Research in Toxicology Young Investigator Award);

2012 年被选为 “美国科学促进会”会士(Fellow, The American Association for the Advancement of Science);

2013 年获得美国质谱学会“The Biemann Medal”(该奖项授予那些长期在质谱基础和应用领域做出突出贡献的个人)。

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